Uploaded clips featuring 412-GTR SLM M75

Posted on Jul 11, 2015
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This is for my beautiful Fiance Roxie
Posted on Jun 1, 2013
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Trying to DJent, mostly trying to play something that sounds like some 5150III recordings I've heard recently.
Posted on May 30, 2013
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Trying the RFX15 direct out into software. Just one track of guitar. The impulses make it sound like more mics/speakers.
Posted on May 29, 2013
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Heard myself through some speakers today & killed the verb & turned the microshift mix down/EQ'd slighty different. Now it sounds good in both headphones and PC speakers. Hard to get that overall balance sometimes.
Posted on May 28, 2013
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Finally got another guitar so I can try these plugins & impulses out. The Aiwa one kind of widens the sound, also does Soundtoys Little Microshift. Decided to add a Adventure Kid Reverb to kind of polish the sound so it's a little more "amp in the room" for jamming. The Ownhammer Impulse is modded to be flat so had to use some EQ. With other plugins, like Lecto & Legion it's just right though. TSEx50 just has this high end that rings out whereas other plugins are very dull. I think I like Lecto better for riffs though. Anyway, this is my take on a one track/take Van Halen/Nuno kind of sound where you don't need to double tracks and can just jam.
Posted on Mar 30, 2013
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Preamp D.I.Y - 4 x6n2p ew
Power amp D.I.Y - 2 x 6p1p ew
Posted on Apr 29, 2012
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Original BOTH then Fractal Tone Match and me playing after the short stop in the mp3
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