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Posted on Jan 7, 2018
Owner's Notes
Quick jam on my new amp.
2 guitar tracks, nothing special.

Signal chain: Guitar -> Vox V847A Wah -> Pink Taco -> Palmer PGA04 loadbox -> Impulses
Posted on Dec 7, 2016
Owner's Notes
trying out a AJFA tone on the RM pre. heavily EQd, obviously
Posted on Nov 30, 2016
Owner's Notes
Bit of a death metal tone with the rockmaster preamp. Kinda shitty guitar again but the pickups are ok
Posted on Nov 30, 2016
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Thought i'd contribute. not much metal from this pre on this site. First clip in ages. The guitar is a semi crappy höfner travel guitar so take the tone with a pinch of salt. The pickups arent half bad though but could be better
Posted on Sep 16, 2016
Owner's Notes
These last two clips I've been using D'Addario EXL110BT Balanced Tension strings, there are some pros & cons to them. Easy to play but hard to get used to. Not sure if I like the tension on the high E string, a bit stiff...but they stay in tune so well and are easier to play riffs and things, I dunno. They have this clarity that I like, though.
Posted on Sep 14, 2016
Owner's Notes
Used the Kjaerhus Audio Classic Series VST Plugins' Limiter on the last post and kinda killed the dynamics, so just posting this unmastered clip instead. The bass is kinda "big" on purpose until I redo the rhythm sounds without the Maxon. Well, probably be an entirely different type of music. Just trying to get back into some multitrack recording again instead of noodling around.
Posted on Mar 16, 2016
Owner's Notes
REMIXED WITH THE NEW AKG K92 Professional Closed-Back Over Ear Headphones.

Gear used is the Two Notes Le Lead preamp with Ownhammer 412 MAR - CB LYNCH & 412 MAR-CB V30 Expansion (v4)impulses.

Everything was done in 44.1kHz, including the impulses. I haven't tried 24/96 yet, I couldn't hear anything before now if it was better, but hopefully I can improve further. I used the Sonar Platinum Pro Channel Compressors, as well as Fabfilter and Soundtoys plugins (sparingly).
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