Uploaded clips featuring Mesa 2x12

Posted on Oct 27, 2013
Owner's Notes
65 Amps Empire Channel 1 to Channel 3...

OCD is in at 40 sec...
Posted on Oct 26, 2013
Owner's Notes
Straight out Grease Monkey with PUP selection with Gtr Volume changes...

Posted on Sep 28, 2013
Owner's Notes
Here's a 65 Amps Memphis and 3 Monkeys Grease Monkey. Xotic BB upfront. The lead line is all Memphis except for a very short GM line starting at 57sec.

Mics are a pair of AEA R92 ribbons and i5.

Thanks to draelyc for the backing track Broken Mirror
Posted on Mar 9, 2013
Owner's Notes
Here's my 78 JMP driving a pair of Scumback BM75s. JMP has a Metroamps loop installed.

Upfront is a Green Rhino and OCD.

Loop is a Hall of Fame Reverb followed by a DD-6.
Posted on Sep 11, 2012
Owner's Notes
Took that riff from "Rose Of Sharyn". Not played properly
but still a nice riff to test the amp.
Too lazy to do the drums...
Posted on Aug 25, 2012
Owner's Notes
No description available.
Posted on Apr 22, 2012
Owner's Notes
Some SLO over HCAF formite Loopquantum's backing track.
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