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Posted on Aug 4, 2016
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SL5 volume: 3 o'clock @ 5W mode,
gain:11o'clock, rest at 1 o'clock
Posted on Nov 20, 2014
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No description available.
Posted on Feb 26, 2013
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Bassman and Blackheart 5W recorded in stereo... trying out D Mixolydian... for a GAB Drum Jam by Killzone from 2-16-13...

Posted on Aug 20, 2012
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Guitars in the Mix.
Just a quick test. Crappy drums and solo...
Posted on Mar 3, 2012
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No description available.
Posted on Feb 14, 2012
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first live jam of my new band recorded at our bassist's studio practice room. going for a Clutch/High On Fire/Valiant Thor/Sabbath-ish type sound. vocals are coming soon.

Posted on Oct 21, 2011
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Epiphone Les Paul with paf style pickups (Seymour Duncan 59).

Amp set to gain 0.75, volume of 10 (Playing it Loud for some power tube distortion - half of the distortion is power tube). EQ / ISF = UK, with slightly less treble due to volume. This amp screams at low volumes, but cranked, it really sings!

I sometimes use a clean boost to add clean gain without touching knobs. Or was my intent, but it looks like I used a setting with clean boost + a tiny bit of pedal overdrive. In anycase, it's pretty obvious when I do - it goes to a much higher gain level and is pretty much at the limit of what the microphone could take. Using the stock speaker.

The HT-5 has a ton of pre-amp gain on tap. The point of this recording was to record a lightly overdriven type Marshall Crunch like AC/DC, Zeppelin live, etc.

bridge vol = 10, neck vol = 8
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