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Posted on Aug 4, 2017
Owner's Notes
PLX-FX Spirytus clip. I had about 10 productive minutes with the pedal. Kid kept waking up from his nap every damn time I tried to play it while I had it. So this...err, thing...I shat out is unfortunately all I got to record. This doesn't really represent the pedal, but I felt obligated to upload and record something.

Direct from Scarlett 2i4. No processing whatsoever. And it shows.
Posted on Jun 26, 2015
Owner's Notes
Old file I unearthed. Sennheiser MD759 (Or something to that effect) for the vocals. Guitarhacks and Catharsis impulses, probably.
Posted on Oct 26, 2014
Owner's Notes
Had this sitting around mostly-finished for a month. Figured I may as well upload it since I probably won't get back to retracking the couple of things I'm unsatisfied with, or recording real bass. The wah is a Bad Horsie II.
Posted on May 20, 2014
Owner's Notes
Stratovarius cover. Usual slop, including some sloppy editing. Live bass this time, though, at least. And vocal harmonies! Woo!
Posted on Jan 2, 2013
Owner's Notes
Usual setup. Nakedzen impulses on the rhythms, Catharsis on the leads. Slopfest, fucked up my hand a bit at work so I couldn't do cleanup takes.
Posted on Mar 19, 2012
Owner's Notes
Catharsis and Guitarhacks impulses. Ibanez SR506 bass through the Mark IV. Similar drill to the usual. Sloppy playing as usual...only a couple of takes because I was lazy and recorded at 4 AM.
Posted on Dec 2, 2011
Owner's Notes
My Ibanez SR506 bass made quite the appearance on this. The first minute or so there's no guitar at all. Drums are EZdrummer. Sad But True impulse on rhythm guitar, some Nakedzen impulse on the distorted bass at the end, Catharsis awesometime impulses on the lead guitars. Assorted VSTs for effects.

This was also written in the course of about a half-hour.
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