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Posted on Mar 30, 2011
Owner's Notes
Original song's Damien by Iced Earth

Recorded this with my brother while getting hammered. He's on the left channel and chorus leads. I'm on the right and leads/solos from ~5:00 onwards.

We used my bro's setup; Excalibur Tone Screamer -> Splawn Quickrod -> THD Hotplate -> EMU 0202 -> DAW with impulses loaded.
Guitars used:
My bro used a Gibson Explorer with BKP Rebel Yell(b)/Dimarzio 36th PAF(n).
I used my Caparison Horus with BKP Warpig(b)/Sinner(n) set.

SSD EX for drums.
Bass is pitchshifted guitar.

Final mix, fixed several issues due to ill-shifting tempos in midi track.
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