Uploaded clips featuring Iphone internal mic

Posted on Oct 28, 2014
Owner's Notes
Quick plug and play clip of the Redwitch Empress pedal with my Splawn Quick Rod and Mooer Black Secret OD.
Posted on Oct 15, 2014
Owner's Notes
Quick test of the Fulltone MDV-3 and Earthquaker Devices "The Depths" vibes.
Posted on Oct 8, 2014
Owner's Notes
Quick clip of the VooDoo Micro Vibe
Posted on Sep 11, 2014
Owner's Notes
Quick "In Room" clip of Mercyful Fate's "Curese of the Pharaoh" using straight amp, Maxon, then VFE.
Posted on Sep 3, 2014
Owner's Notes
Quick "in room" clip showing boosted and non-boosted sound.
Posted on Apr 11, 2014
Owner's Notes
Double tracked using delay. This is Mark 2C+ channel
Posted on Apr 9, 2014
Owner's Notes
Excuse my sloppy playing and bad recording quality. This is my 1st attempt to record my new equipment. Triaxis - Lead Channel 2 Red
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