Uploaded clips featuring Bare Knuckle Warpig

Posted on Apr 29, 2016
Owner's Notes
Went out a grabbed an i5 after work today. Pretty much just slapped it in front of my cab and recorded these two takes. No bass track. Sloppy. Sounds pretty decent tho considering..
Posted on Sep 29, 2015
Owner's Notes
No description available.
Posted on Apr 4, 2015
Owner's Notes
Riffs And Beards 2 test
Posted on Feb 17, 2015
Owner's Notes
Quick EZ Drummer Test
Posted on Jan 28, 2015
Owner's Notes
Taking a commercial profile and "de-poopifying" it
Posted on Jan 26, 2015
Owner's Notes
A few Diezel profiles and a KT88 modded 5150 as well.
Posted on Jan 23, 2015
Owner's Notes
First clip with my new Kemper. Same profile on 3 tracks. 2 rhythm, one lead. FastRedPonyCar's Splawn Nitro profile.
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