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Posted on Apr 23, 2013
Owner's Notes
SLO with GuitarHack Impulses

Addictive Drums
Posted on Mar 12, 2013
Owner's Notes
GuitarHack's Fredman and Catharsis' S-pres 8 impulses
Posted on Feb 18, 2013
Owner's Notes
I feel like this mix is better than my old stuff....am-I-right?
Posted on Dec 14, 2012
Owner's Notes
In order to avoid any potential Placebo or Nocebo effects, the amp / setup shall remain a secret. Is this better or worse than my old recordings?
Posted on Aug 16, 2012
Owner's Notes
SoloC and Lecto.
Posted on Jun 4, 2012
Owner's Notes
Playing with Ozone 5 - go easy on me, I mixed this on crummy headphones.
Posted on May 6, 2012
Owner's Notes
Alu's OS6 and Trad5 impulses along with some EQ.
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