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Posted on Feb 6, 2018
Owner's Notes
Mostly used the Mesa Mark 2C++ amp for rhythms. one track left and one hard right. Used a Mesa Mark IV for leads. Minimal
EQ to sit in mix better.
Posted on Feb 1, 2018
Owner's Notes
Gave this another go with the Mesa Mark IIC+ setting. Not quite enough gain for sustaining dive bombs but it sounded good to me.
Posted on Jan 28, 2018
Owner's Notes
I used the Mesa Boogie Mark 2c+ for all of the tones here.
Posted on Jan 17, 2018
Owner's Notes
Re-recorded the rhythm and solo section with a Kramer Assault Plus tuned to D. Alternative 8 pup in bridge.
Posted on Jan 14, 2018
Owner's Notes
Gave this another go today. I think i got around some of the popping in the backing track. I used my Angry HBE preset for main rhythm with a bit of chorus. Used the same preset without chorus for the chugging pre chorus. I may have hit a wrong chord after the solo...

The chorus leads were done with a Carvin Legacy 100 sim with reverb.

The solo was done using the Splawn Quickrod set up like a Pro-Mod (KT88s)
Posted on Dec 22, 2017
Owner's Notes
Christmas song ive been working on with a backing track. Rhythm is 5153 Red and leads are Splawn QuickRod sims.
Posted on Nov 11, 2017
Owner's Notes
Always loved this song and wanted to give it a go. Lots of different tones going on. Main rhythm is a boosted Vox tone. Marshall ish tone for the chorus, HBE sim for heavy rhythm and Splawn Quickrod for leads
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