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Posted on Jan 18, 2015
Owner's Notes
A simple tune to test Axe FX II FW 17.03. Enjoy.
Posted on Nov 15, 2014
Owner's Notes
Another version of the PW Hornet humbuckers sound test.
Posted on Nov 4, 2014
Owner's Notes
A repost of the Mojotone PW Hornet humbucker test. Re-amped.
Posted on Oct 12, 2014
Owner's Notes
A sound test of a pair of Mojotone PW Hornet 7-string humbuckers.
Posted on Aug 17, 2014
Owner's Notes
A short excerpt from a new tune I am working on. Still exploring the possibilities of the Axe FX II.

Posted on Jun 8, 2014
Owner's Notes
A new tune. Enjoy.
Posted on Feb 23, 2014
Owner's Notes
No description available.
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