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Posted on Dec 4, 2010
Owner's Notes
Clean - Crunch - Rock - Metal (all + internal hall reverb)
Posted on Aug 5, 2010
Owner's Notes
Clean - Lo-gain - Hi-gain test.

Direct recording, no external effects used.
Posted on Jul 31, 2010
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No description available.
by: Deus
Posted on Jan 11, 2010
Owner's Notes
Clean channel
Posted on Dec 13, 2009
Owner's Notes
AC/DC Sin City cover.

Combo - clean channel.
SMB Tube Talisman - Dist Classic channel.
Posted on Aug 1, 2009
Owner's Notes
High gain test of the amp.
Software reverb, bass and drums.

Song: In Bloom by Nirvana
Posted on May 24, 2009
Owner's Notes
Clean sound.
I use a Yamaha AES720 guitar with stock DiMarzio custom humbackers.
1st part: neck + bridge pickups, mid boost (fdd) is off.
2nd part: neck pickup, fdd is on.
3rd part: neck + bridge pickups, fdd is on.
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