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Posted on Nov 27, 2009
Owner's Notes
Here are three different attempts at a Mesa Boogie Mark IV tone. The first one is two Solodano models with the gain around 4 and a clean boost in front of the amp model. The second one has a Pitbull model added. The third one has the gain dialed back on the Pitbull, with a clean boost in front of it.

Two tracks per side. Compare it to the live "Killadelphia" version of Lamb of God's - "Hourglass"
Posted on Nov 19, 2009
Owner's Notes
Experimenting with layering POD patches. This file has 3 tracks per side, each of which is a dual amp POD X3 live patch. There is a total of 6 5150 sims, 2 Rectifier sims, 2 VHT Pitbull sims, and 2 Uberschall sims running O_O.

Was pretty hard to get a total of 6 takes tight, so excuse the sloppiness.
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