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Posted on Jan 18, 2010
Owner's Notes
Band Reference. We did a scratch track of Free Bird to show club owners.
Posted on Nov 2, 2009
Owner's Notes
Here's another clip of my band. The audio came out well considering circumstances. Put a Micro BR about 10 feet in front of me and hit record.

We were just jamming out so we didn't care about hitting all the right notes.
Posted on Nov 2, 2009
Owner's Notes
Just a demo of the band. Crazy Train Solo.

I used a Blackstar HT-Dual pedal to drive the clean channel of a Carvin Legacy.

Minimal FX- Chorus and Reverb.
Posted on Aug 8, 2009
Owner's Notes
Band reference. Poor Quality. Used ambient mics.
Posted on Aug 4, 2009
Owner's Notes
Just a raw demo of my band with the Quickrod. It's got a repetative riff but the amp just sounded so mean in the room!

I cut and spliced in the middle so it wouldnt be so repetative
Posted on Jul 29, 2009
Owner's Notes
Just another rough demo of the band. Captured with a Boss Micro BR onboard mic. For band reference.

Posted on Oct 26, 2008
Owner's Notes
I promised i would fix it...

This is a Wet/Dry/Wet setup. Pretty complicated but sounds GREAT!
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