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Posted on Jun 7, 2011
Owner's Notes
Started recording our debute EP last weekend. Only tracked the drums so far, the guitars are used from the ghost tracks. Thats why you can hear some vocals very far away in the mix too.

The drums are only a quick mix though.

I'm planning on updating this website whenever we got something new added.
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Posted on Feb 19, 2011
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Done a simple rehearsal demo with my band. New version of a song already uploaded. But now with new drummer, a bassist, and the rhythm guitarist uses a Blackstar instead of a Mesa(and yes, it sounds a lot better, believe it or not).
Lead guitarist uses fender blues deluxe with PG57.
Bass has a DI and AKG D40.
Drums are D112 on kick, D40 on snare, C430's as overheads
Vocals direct out from the main PA. And I know, its clipping, didn't hear it during recording sadly.
Posted on Jan 18, 2011
Owner's Notes
Recorded an album last summer. First time I've been busy with the whole multitracking and stuff.
kick: D112
Snare top: SM57
Snare bottom: PG57
Toms: AKG D40
OH: AKG C430

Amp mics: SM57, PG57, D40, Samson CU1
Posted on Oct 9, 2010
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Done a recording of my band. D112 on kick, D40 on snare and 2 C430s as overheads, SM57 on the mesa caliber and a PG57 on a fender and a direct out of the mic pre amp. We dont have a bassist yet. Recorded it all with a Korg D888 8 track recorder.

It was just to practise and to hear the new song we wrote.

Lemme know what you think
Posted on Apr 13, 2010
Owner's Notes
A simple recording with my EC400VF to show how good this tiny little box can sound(The ux2 i mean)
The are no effects on the recording except for some limiter to get a decent volume. But no verb or eq or whatever
Posted on Jan 7, 2010
Owner's Notes
First time I recorded an entire band. We tried to get a bit of a Rock sound out of it, so the whole rig wasn't really perfect, but we didn't have much better. Even the speakers were nearly dead, as 2 were already gone.

I tried some positioning with the PG 57 to get a bit of a rock sound. Then I had a SM58 for an overall sound. In the mix I only used a bit of a multiband compressor and a bit of stereoreverb. I mixed the same sound a 2nd time and put it 50 miliseconds back to get a fake stereo effect.
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