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by: Whyrendog
Posted on Oct 26, 2014
Owner's Notes
Blended my favorite impulses together that I use for Van Halen and White Lion sounds so it has the brown sound and the harmonics and bite. Kinda has that Jason Becker/Shrapnel Artist sound I've always wanted.
Posted on Oct 25, 2014
Owner's Notes
Can't remember if I used the Maxon OD808 or not. The right guitar should sound a bit closer to the White Lion: Pride sound.
Posted on Oct 19, 2014
Owner's Notes
Very happy with this combination of Maxon OD808 (OTB: 393), Eleven Rack (Treadplate M mids cranked), EPSi in FX Loop with Owhammer Modern Studio Mix (OwnHammer_412_MAR-CB_V30-CH_T1_SP = Chinese V30).
Posted on Jul 27, 2013
Owner's Notes
Used Lecto with Sansamp Impulses (stretched & modded with SIR2). Clean intro was with the Juicy77 plugin through Sansamp impulses & Soundtoys Little Microshift for chorus effect.
Posted on Jul 26, 2013
Owner's Notes
I switched from KeFir to SIR2 for loading impulses and took care of some of the glitchy noises. I can actually load up my unmodified impulse from the Sansamp plugin now. A lot of impulses are less plasticy now.

Anyway, this is just a clip again of the Eventide Crystal Effect but everything is completely modeled in software. I tried to get it to match the Mesa Boogie Quad with an Eventide Pitchfactor in the loop sound (reason for making Sansamp impulses to begin with/more of a old school cabinet emulation than impulses).
Posted on Jul 23, 2013
Owner's Notes
Used various amp sims and ODs with these impulses and seemed to have a less boxy sound than the usual type of impulses I have used. Still learning the Le456 amp sim, it's got a lot of different sounds but I went with tons of gain because that's what I do lol
Posted on Jul 10, 2013
Owner's Notes
Darker mix & used Modern Rock amps (Rectifiers) on rhythms.
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