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Posted on Oct 20, 2011
Owner's Notes

Recorded is a Fender Mustang III amp using both the direct line out signal from the bus mixer in unison with a mic'd amp.

VST's can be used within any capable DAW for EQ'ing. However, having hard wired direct EQ'ing through either a bus mixer or FX loop allows for more tone shaping options that can bring out your sound and be used for gigs.

Link to picture of Rig setup http://www.calminchaos.co.cc/rigsetup9.jpg
Link to Mustang Amp preset https://fuse.fender.com/mustang/preset.php/calminchaos-johnnybdirty

Bus Mixer Settings

High 12KHz -9db
Mid 2.5KHz +9db
Low 80Hz +12db
FX +15db
Level -4.5db
Aux. Ret. -3
Main Mix Balance 0
Vol. Ctr. 40%

10Band EQ Settings

Vol. +5db
31.25Hz 0db
62.5Hz +12db
125Hz +5db
250Hz -9db
500Hz -1db
1KHz +6db
2KHz +10.5db
4KHz +10db
8KHz +3.5db
16KHz -5db
Gain -5db
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