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Posted on Dec 20, 2010
Owner's Notes
a little thin lizzy cover
not finished yet, so far only got it done till the 2nd chorus.

and yea, the vocals are a bit off sometimes, but then again I'm no singer and that song is very hard to sing!
Posted on Jul 14, 2010
Owner's Notes
this was just meant to be a little test for my new isolation cab. Sounds pretty cool though and I might make a song out of it some day ;)
I used a 6100 with EL34s as a power amp and the drums are XLN Addictive Drums.
Posted on Apr 5, 2010
Owner's Notes
solo part for our song "where will you be". again recorded at bedroom level ...
Posted on Mar 16, 2010
Owner's Notes
new version of my song last hero, recorded at bedroom level. Amp for the solo is a 6100
Posted on Jan 2, 2010
Owner's Notes
New Song of my Band, no vocals so far but other than that pretty cool I think.
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