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Posted on Jan 11, 2013
Owner's Notes
Rock Jam lots o compression and eq on drums. Minimal eq and compression for guitars and bass. Recorded using focusrite saffire pro 40 into a macbook and garageband and lots of awesome plugins.
Posted on Aug 31, 2012
Owner's Notes
This clip best captures what I think my drums sound like in the room. I try for the most natural sounding recording. I achieved it on this one.
All the drums are closed miced just to reinforce the ambient and overhead mics.
Guitar is a Fender Strat w/ SD 59 PAF pup into Marshall dsl50 green crunch channel gain and vol on 10. Bass guitar is direct into audio interface.
Recorded in GarageBand using a couple of badass plug-ins for compression and mild eq-ing. Awesome drumming and super shitty guitar playing coutesy of me. :D
Posted on Aug 29, 2012
Owner's Notes
Led Zeppelin "The Ocean" clip. Testing out a couple of ribbon mics. One about a foot away from speaker cab and the other about 10 to 12 feet away.
Drums, guitar and bass played by me, so there is flubs.
Posted on Jul 25, 2012
Owner's Notes
Anyone familiar with King's X will most likely know this song. Its one of my favorites. I doubled the tempo on the drums. And im playing drums, guitar(not so good) and bass. As usual, there are various flubs all over the song. Hey I aint perfect.
Posted on Jun 25, 2012
Owner's Notes
Recorded in GarageBand. Punky pop kinda tune. Just single guitar track, drums and bass. Dry, no reverb or effects. Compression and eq for drums and bass.
Bass also played and mic'd through the DSL50.
Thanks for the listen.
Posted on Jan 18, 2012
Owner's Notes
Dogman-King's X.... Uploaded this a couple of weeks ago... recorded with a stereo mic plugged into an iPad. This time I did some tweaking with eq and compression. Certainly not an awesome production but given the equipment, it sounds pretty good.
There's some flubs here and there with timing and guitar errs but it's a single take and I'm playing everything
Posted on Jan 8, 2012
Owner's Notes
"Dogman"-King's X... great song awesome band. I can't say that I do it justice in this clip. I'm playing drums, bass and guitar in this clip. Used an iPad with a Tascam iM2 stereo mic and GarageBand to record this.
Yeah I've been unemployed a while and I'm getting bored so this is what i do
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