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Posted on Jul 29, 2013
Owner's Notes
Another reamp.
Figured I'd try and make the MP-1 sound vicious.
I think I succeeded.
4 guitars. 2 to the left are boosted. 2 to the right are not.
Impulses are Recabinet 3.
Posted on Jul 21, 2013
Owner's Notes
Another reamp from a while back.
4 guitar tracks. 2 boosted, 2 non-boosted. Slight EQ.
Posted on Jul 21, 2013
Owner's Notes
Reamped this a while ago.
Not using a boost, just pure mesa gain.
Went for a gritty, old-school hardcore vibe with the mix and tone.
Avg Rating: 8.5
by: spite
Posted on Dec 28, 2012
Owner's Notes
Another reamped clip.
No vocals on this one.
Fairly simple mix using Superior 2 and blended kick and snare.
Posted on Dec 28, 2012
Owner's Notes
Reamped this a while back.
Only a short clip. Left in the vocals.
Drums are Superior 2 with a mixture of additional samples.
The mix is slammed hard through mastering plugins.
Avg Rating: 9.5
by: spite
Posted on Dec 18, 2012
Owner's Notes
Re-recorded an old clip. This time, I'm using my Epi LP Prophecy with a BKP Painkiller, my Studio Pre and Impulses.
Bass is an old, bottom of the barrel Behringer with years old strings.
Drums are programmed.
Everything mixed in Cubase.
Posted on Jun 16, 2012
Owner's Notes
Tried out a new pickup I just got.
A 1-off Catwhisker (dont even think it has a model name)
Basicly a VERY angry, triple ceramic humbucker.
Sounds really angry and gnarly.

Anyway, this track is a short clip from one of my songs, where I decided to do something a little different from normal.
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