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Posted on Oct 21, 2011
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This is definitely a much different clip than what I usually post.

What this is, is a little experiment. Real gear vs it's VST replicas.

I found a post by the guy who actually recorded Jade Puget's guitar for AFI's album Sing the Sorrow, and copied it as best I could with VSTs.

Jade's guitar tone is a mix of a modded Plexi and a Dual Rectifier, going through some Greenbacks, both amps mic'd with a Royer 121 and a U67. (4 mics in all, going to one track, then double tracked)

I took GR5's Hot Plex and stuck a Redwirez Marshall 4x12 greenback w/Royer 121, and LePou's Lecto, same Redwirez but mic'd with a U87 (not a 67). For each track, then double tracked.

I'm very surprised to how close the tone actually is to the album. It's not exact by any means but it's damn similar. Backing track is from the Rock Band .mogg file.
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